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Since a few years, I am retired and now I have “all the time in the world” to devote myself to my favorite hobby – watercolor painting. I became a member of the “Art Association Hammaro” few years ago.

Occupation, experience

I graduated with an MBA from the Gothenburg School of Economics with focus on logistics. For most of my professional career, I have as CEO been responsible for the development and marketing of logistics / transport systems based on advanced IT technology. These systems integrate information between transport operators, more or less automatically and has a complicated structure. Here, the stevedoring companies, ship owners, operators and others effectively and efficiently exchange information automatically about goods and containers. Manual intervention is becoming more of such monitoring than the tedious registration. At the same time these systems must – despite its complexity – be easy to handle. Developing user-friendly interface for users and also interesting presentations how IT systems work has been very important. I have, therefore – for these purposes- “made” modern slideshow, videos, illustrations etc. The experience from this work has become very valuable for my watercolor painting.

Favorite Scenes / motives

I like motifs are colorful, is in motion and especially people who perform different activities.

Master classes in watercolor

Last two years I have had the privilege to participate in the watercolor courses of  Olga Karlsson. In addition, master class courses under the direction of Konstantin Sterkov – a well-known professional artist from St. Petersburg. Moreover, I have been at weekly courses with other well known water color artists, one of them is  Trevor Lingard from England.


The exhibition at Hammarö Library June 18 to August 15 2016 was my first solo exhibition. I have also participated in several other exhibitions.